We believe it is the best possible way to introduce people to modern clinical hypnosis. Also, we believe that if we invest in you by offering you two days of fantastic training at no cost, it gives you the opportunity to make an informed decision as to whether we are the training organisation that matches your requirements, and whether clinical hypnosis training is right for you!

Whilst academic qualifications may be an advantage, we regard it as only being a small part of the learning curve to becoming a competent clinical hypnotherapist. This hypnotherapy training course is therefore open to those with a genuine interest in hypnotherapy irrespective of race, religion, and environmental classification, even though they may not have any relevant prior learning or training.

You must have reached your 18th birthday in order to take our practitioner level training course.

There is no maximum age limit, lively, caring and compassionate senior citizens, are more than welcome to apply for a place.

Our Foundation weekend (module one) is entirely free and unconditional. We promise not to attempt to sell you anything or use any sales techniques. We prefer to provide all the information to you in a professional manner allowing you to make an informed choice.. 

For those who are invited to continue their training, our all inclusive Practitioner level training package complies with our policy of transparency and includes the following.

  • Certification
  • All reading material
  • 120 hours virtual classroom tuition
  • Secret and confidential Facebook support group access
  • Student registration with General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

There are no other mandatory additional costs

The course is suitable for people with any of the following objectives:
  • Anyone with a genuine desire to help others
  • Anyone who would like to start a brand new lucrative career
  • Anyone who would like to run their own business with minimum overheads
  • Anyone who is curious about the power of the mind
  • Anyone looking for a new sense of purpose
  • Anyone looking for self personal development

Your tutor will discuss this on our free foundation weekend. We have a several options available to keep you on track.

Our practitioner level training course has been independently assessed and validated at practitioner level by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Graduates are eligible for professional registration with The General Hypnotherapy Register at full practitioner status.

We choose continuous assessment over an end of course exam. We also believe that an exam in some cases is just a memory test and an unfair way of validating your training. As the course progresses your tutor will be constantly monitoring your progress and feeding back any areas that need further development in order to gain your certification on module ten.

Don't let this process concern you as it is very rare that we refuse certification. We prefer to encourage you to be one of the best therapists and will mentor you to the very end.

We pride ourselves on our continuous support post training.

On completion of our course, you will be added to our exclusive INNERVISIONS COMMUNITY GROUP page on Facebook where you will be able to communicate with almost 1000 past students, take part in discussions or ask for and share advice.

For those students who feel they need additional support to set up their new hypnotherapy practice, we offer a tailor made mentorship program where your tutor will continue to support and advise you post training.

You will be also be invited to take part in our regular CPD classes to further your knowledge or specialise in chosen areas.

We also have a specialist supervision officer providing support either one to one, online with Zoom or regular group meetings where a guest speaker will be invited to talk on specialist subjects.

On completion of our practitioner level course, you will be awarded our Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis which is approved and accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

This entitles you to join the GHSC as a validated practitioner if you choose to do so.

Many of our graduates earn a full time living as clinical hypnotherapists.

With the advent of online platforms such as Zoom, therapists are no longer constrained to working just within their local areas. Many work with clients worldwide and specialise in specific areas, becoming highly sought after for their specialist niche services.