Passwords are provided on completion of this module.


The client would be asked to listen to this audio on the first contractions. Continue listening until labour is established, then listen to “DURING LABOUR” audio


The client would be Asked to listen to this audio “DURING LABOUR” You will notice that the voice over is same as “PRE-LABOUR” audio but subliminal so that in case of a long labour, it wont get on her nerves ! – also notice the heartbeat.

The audio must be used WITHOUT headphones so that your client can take verbal instructions from nursing staff

Put audio on “repeat” – so that it is playing constantly.


This session was recorded with the permission of Heidi. Heidi was 29 years old and was “trying” for a baby for the past 2 years. She came to me in June 2019 and had 2 sessions. She cancelled the third session when she became pregnant.